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About the Jewish Magazine

The Jewish Magazine is the largest and most popular Independent Jewish resource guide on the Internet. We started many years ago when the Internet was young, way back in 1997 - see out archives.

The concept was simple: Judaism is not confined to one's religiousity and a Jew is not defined alone by his adherence to one form of Judaism or another. Judaism is the story of an extended family, the Jewish family that started with Abraham and extends thousands of years, in hundreds of lands, incorporating myriads of cultures and experiences.

The Jewish Magazine has been, and is still, trying to bring to the public the various expression of the Jewish experience - to which there is no limit. We as a people have seen the mighty civilizations rise and fall, we have experienced the destruction of the Temples, the exiles from our land, the Inquesitions, the Holocaust, and the re-birth of our Jewish State. We have survived Hitler and Stalin, and we will survive Iran and the Islamic threat.

We are a grass-root publication. No one gets a salary, our articles are from our readers, our bills are covered by our readers' generous donations, and our work is done mostly by volunteers. We have no big (or small) organization helping us, we receive no grants. We are totally dependent on our readers' help.

We have no political agenda, no religious view point to peddle, and no other desire than to continue to bring more articles on the Jewish experience whether it is in the relm of History, Zionism, Torah Teachings or Humor, food, or places - everything and anything that falls within the relm of the Jewish experience is valid material for the Jewish Magazine.

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