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Democracy vs. Judaism? Which is for us?

Democracy vs. Judaism: Agreement or Difference?

Will the Real Judaism Please Stand Up?

The Dilemma of the American Jewish Identity: Who or What is a Jew?

The Pseudo-Jewish Fetish with "Tikkun Olam"

Past and Prologue

Joseph in America: Comparing the Biblical Story of Joseph in Egypt to Today's Situation for the Jews in America

The Feather: Finding Our True Place in Time and Space

Developing a Relationship with God

What has Happened to the Americans? Have Americans Become Dumb or Just Plain Stupid?

King David: the Role Model for Success

Mosaic Rhetoric: The Lawgiver's Last Will to the Children of Israel

Germany: A Jewish Tourist's Observations

War on Terror: What are the Legal Issues Related to International Terrorist Acts and State Support

The Ultra-Orthodox and Army Service in Israel: a Response

Israel Today: the Ultra Orthodox, Secular Israelis, the IDF Draft, and Well Being

Mr. Obama's Peace Process and the Duality of Language

Have Homosexuals Taken Over Jewish Education?

Creation of a Palestinian State: A Better Plan

The Power of a Jewish Woman

Why Jewish Minds Excel in Academics

Jewish Education: Four Things I Wish You Didn't Say To Your Teenager

Super Bowl Yahrzeit - The Green Bay Packers and my Father

Jews Who Live Beyond Reality

Why Russian Israelis are against Clinton's Peace Proposals

What Claim do the Jews have to the Land of Israel?

Secular Learning versus Yeshiva Learning - What tm">A Jewish Bankruptcy

Seeking Balance between Ahab and Abraham

Censorship in Canada

King David and the USA, What Do They Have in Common?

What Was Shakespeare's Jewish Connection?

The Extremist Nature of Israel Apartheid Week

Help Wanted: Getting Jewish Education off Life Support

Is the Golus a integral part of a Jew?

Taking a fresh look at the Middle East options

Both Netanyahu and Obama were Boy Scouts, do they maintain Scout's honor?

Let the Jews Have the Same Freedom to live where they Choose as the American Blacks today enjoy

Ideologic Hypocrisy

The Expulsion from Gush Katif - Book Review

Canada's own 'Mashuginah Goy'

Make 2009 A Year of Simple Pleasures

Hate Censorship or Jewish Freedom of Speech?

Divide Jerusalem?

Israel's Vitality

Refuting the Arab Power Speakers

Hamas and the Lesson of Prussia

Philo-Semites, the Laws of Kashrut, and the Folks in My Condo's Swimming Pool

Why is the Traditional Liberal Jew becoming Conservative?

Israel and Humanitarian Respect

To be a free people in our land

The Menorah, the Swastika, and You Tube

Arab Israel Conflict - Back to Basics

J'accuse - Was the Mohammad al Dura filming staged?

Shakespeare and Anti-Semitism

The Day I Learned About "Tzedaka"

Dumbing Down Judaism

Why Does Israel Always Come Out as the Loser?

Israel Insecurity

Holocaust Deniers and their Motivation

Continuing The Walk Through Generations

An Urgent Plea

In the Beginning.

Did We Win or Lose the War?

Why Jewish Speech and Hate Censorship Do Not Mix

The Pope and the Poop

Moshe Feiglin, A Different Type of Politician

Why are the British so anti-Israel?

Self Restraint can be Fatal

Bush's Doctrine: Israel Here Today Gone Tomorrow

A Perspective on the Failings of all Three Mainstream Jewish Movements

Getting Close to the Edge: Liberalism and Lunacism

Intermarriage and Jewish Survival

Diaspora Jews Answer Back Israelis

Shame on Brandeis University Tony Kushner

Is a Palestinian State Relevant?

The Separation Fence Comes to Israel, Part 2

Reflections 58 years for the State of Israel

Gush Katif and Home

The Separation Fence Comes to Israel

Let Public Schools Teach Hebrew!

Let's Have Second, Third, and Later Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

Review of "Paradise Now", the Film

Munich, the Film, another Review

Arik Sharon - He Charted His Nation's Destiny

Munich - the Movie

Swing of the Pendulum

Who Created G-d?

Israel in view of Iran's Nuclear Threat

Jewish Horoscopes 2006

Jewish Extremism

Politically Correct Anti-Semitism

A Lesson for Life and for the Gaza Strip

Why Jews Are Smart

Accounting on Israel's 57th Anniversary

Internationalize The Oil

A Tale of Two Walls

Israeli Sovereignty and American Foreign Policy

Constitutional Democracy for Israel

Herbert Hoover's Mid-East Solution

Terror Threat Outside of Israel

The Other Five commandments

Guidelies for News Reporting on Israel

Ten Commandments in America

Multi-District Elections for Israel

How Much Longer?

Israeli Election System

Women at War

Terrorism and Innocence

Einstein Germany and the "Palestinians"

The Problem Isn't Palestine

Israeli Settlements

Intellectual Honesty in Recognizing Terrorism

Herzilya Conference Peace Plan

Jihad of the Pagans

Terrorism - Change Must Come From Within

Putting an End to a Terrorist

Israel & Peace

The Wall in My Heart

Patrons of Arab Terrorism

Israel and the European Union

the Reason for Terror

the Jewish Road Map

Enemy of Democracy & Judaism

Religion & State in Israel

For a Better Israel

Speaking the Unspeakable

Gas Masks - Getting Ready

Red Cross Double Crosses Jews

Israel's Most Dangerous Enemies

Put Arafat on Trial

Is Religion Ruining Judaism?

Israel Democracy and Politics

Israel's Big Contest

the Myth of al-Aqsa

I Believe Arafat

Of Cockroaches and Kings

Anti-Semitism - It's All About Theft

Dhimmi - Jews and Christians Under Islam

If A Jew Ran for President

Discrediting Fear

Oslo -a Religious Cult

Victory in the Arab Conflict

Peace & War

Democracy & Zionism

I.D.F. Officer Reports

War Ain't a Social Club

Sharon vrs Churchill

Jewish Strife

Jewish Economics - Structure of Faith

the Collapse of Israeliness

Oslo Revisited

Middle East Peace - American Style

Stressed Out in the Middle-East

Real Time


Israel & National Identity

Middle East Conflict

Arabs & Palestine

Is There a Blessing for an Uzi Machine Gun?

Hatred within Judasim

Oslo - 5 Years Later

Oslo and Reality

Is Liberalism Judaism?

Life on Other Worlds


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